Homeplus Shines in Tajikistan (2)

HOMEPLUS Shines in Tajikistan’s Campaign; Affiliated Marketing With Tajik Superstar

After years of activity and conducting extensive market research in Tajikistan, with deep knowledge of this country’s culture and consumers’ prefrences....


Tosehe Ofoghe Payandeh (TOP) runs a comprehensive campaign, having the Mehrnigor

Rustam, the famous and popular Tajik singer, as a role model for promoting the brand HOMEPLUS. This campaign

consists of several items, including: Billboards, Hanging boards, TV advertisements, Radio advertisements, Video display boards, Banners on distribution vehicles, Stand shelves, Stand roll-ups, Posters, Uniforms for visitors, High Quality catalogues for visitors, and several other gift items like T-shirts, Caps, Pens, Shopping bags, and product samples.

This campaign is indeed a part of TOP’s strategic plan in worldwide branding, which is the first priority emphasized by the company’s chief executive officer. “Running this extensive campaign, would have not been possible without concrete support from TOP’s Proficient CEO, Mr. Mohammadian, and sincere helps of Mr. Nabi

zadeh, an experienced businessman and TOP’s representative” says Mr. Maroufi, the international marketing manager of TOP company. “The success of this campaign is really motivating for us to run future campaigns in TOP and that’s what made all of us working 24/7 for this campaign to succeed.”






المارکات التجاریة

التعریف و دیباجة الشرکة

و في عام 2013 المیلادي اُنشئت شرکةُ توسعة بایندة تنوي

تصدیر و بیع المنتجات الدولي للفریق الصناعي لشرکة

کلرنک و توزع الشرکة منتجاتِ الفریق الصناعي الی أکثر

من ثلاثین بلداً عالمياً و أیضاً أنشأت مراکز و مکاتب التوزیع

و البیع فی العراق و أفغانستان و ترکیا و روسیا وبیلاروسیا

تنمي التفوق و التقدم و الرقي فی الأسواق الدولیة.



المکتب المرکزي