Introduction to Golrang Industrial Group


Mohammad Karim Fazli (Ustaad [1]) founded Pakshoo chemical-manufacturing Co. in 1972. He registered Golrang as a cosmetic and detergent brand. This fast-growing corporation, have been a pioneer in the Iranian industry via continuous development, applying technical knowledge and upgrading the production lines and facilities.
In 1989, Dr. Mehdi Fazli, the son of Ustaad, coincident with his college education, joined Pakshoo. He increased the production lines and improved the production processes after his graduation in 1990.
At the time, products that were manufactured under Golrang brand included foam, bleach, whitening, and softener. Research on new products was started in 1995, under close supervision of Dr. Fazli, and, thereby, the products such as shampoo and foam were added to Golrang’s products.
In that year, TV advertising was started and had a remarkable influence on the awareness of new products. GolPakhsh–e Aval co. started its activities in marketing and sales and it distributed Pakshoo's products in 2008. In 2000, Ave was established and Golrang Pakhsh was registered aiming to distribute Golrang's product. Now, these two companies are the strongest distribution companies in Iran. They distribute Pakshoo’s and so many others companies’ products in Iran.
Padideh Shimi Nili Co. joined to the raw material industry in 2000 by producing high-quality products. Padideh Shimi Paydar was established in 2005. In 2006, Pakshoo offered white-cloth-washing liquid for the first time in Iran. One year later, Pakshoo Chemical-Manufacturing Complex, consisted of 5 companies, started its operation in order to produce detergents including washing powder and raw materials. Pakhsh-e Padideh Paydar Co. was established in 2008 aiming to distribute Padideh Shimi Paydar’s products including Active. During this year, Golrang and Softlan hand-wash detergent powder and washing-machine detergent powder were launched to the Iranian market by Pakshoo.
GIG's first food manufacturing company called Dalin Mehr was founded in 2010. This company produces various cakes including Renex and Bingo. Considering the importance of professional knowledge, Applied Science University of GIG was established in 2008 in order to enhance the skills of employees in different sectors of industry. GIG decided to establish Ofogh-Korosh chain stores in 2009 and, since then, different branches have been opened in Iran. Marinasun Hygienic Cellulose Industries Co. was registered in 2008 and it started to manufacture tissue in 2009. And now, it produces and distributes 2 Full Diaper Baby named Merci and Pamti and other range of cellulosic products. Arian Cellulose Sana't was established simultaneously with Marinasun aiming to supply its raw material. Golbarg Baharan Co. that was established in 2011 works on the food industry and products such as oil, conserves, tomato sauce and tuna. Arian Pakhsh-e -Pishro was established for distributing Golbarg Baharan’s and Dalin Mehr's products. Golrang Electronics industry was established in 2011. It has the world's latest line of DVD and it manufactures DVD movies and TV series which given by Golrang-Cultural-Institute. The company launched an advanced copy line and printing and it is the only company with ability of copy DVD9, DVD5, BLU-RAY in Middle East and West Asia. GIG established Pharmaceutical Holding and move to the important and fundamental areas in the pharmaceutical sector. Golrang Pharmaceutical Group is, currently, consisted of several technical branches. Golrang Cultural Institute has supplied endurable media in recent years in the field of home screen.
Nowadays, Golrang Industrial Group is one of the most important producing companies that include various SBUs. It is one of the most dynamic economic groups and reflects the efforts of private sectors. 8500 employees have been employed in this group and its vision is to have 100000 employees until 1401.
GIG includes of about 100 companies; the most important ones are: Pakshoo Production & Chemical Co., Marinasun, GolPakhsh-e-Aval, Golrang Pakhsh, Arian Pakhsh Pishro, Golbarg Baharan, Padideh Shimi Paydar, GIG Pharmaceutical Investment Co., Padideh Shimi Nili, Golrang Electronics Industry, Tiyan Gas Still, Anitasun, Ofogh-Korosh chain stores, GIG Construction Co., GIG Media Co., Arian Tejarat Shargh, Dalin Mehr, Pakan Plastkar, Donia Behpak, Vionasan, Arian Cellulose San’at, Padideh Shimi Jam, SayehBaan Amn Arian, Faran Shimi, Arian System, Salamat Pakhsh Hasti, Arian Shimi Plast and etc.
This industrial group tries to employ expert, genius, diligent, humanitarians and high-performance people to make a suitable context for participation of the domestic and foreign experts in order to provide international competitiveness.
This group's main purpose is being among the 500 largest corporations in the world relying on well-known brands. GIG offers high-quality products and services. All people will recognize GIG via reputed brands, leading in the market, commitment to ethics and sustainable growth.

GIG have achieved to a range of certificates and awards in various fields, some of them is mentioned below:
Statuette and Certificate of consumer right
Statuette of research and development
Letter of Appreciation of premier exporter
Letter of Appreciation and Statuette from 7th Occupational Safety and Health Congress
Letter of Appreciation and Statuette of “best brands, best quality”
National Award of trying for quality certification
Letter of Appreciation of sponsoring Sorena

These tireless attempts in the field of entrepreneurship and national production are continuing to serve the countryman.


About Us

Tosehe Ofoghe Payandeh (TOP) was established in 2013 aiming to export and sell international Golrang Industrial group's (GIG) products. At the moment, TOP has five branchs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Russia, Belarus and Turkey. Also TOP is selling GIG’s products in more than 30 country. TOP intends to establish distribution companies and trading offices in other countries in order to develop international markets.