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About Airi

AIRI, the eighth active brand among the new brand series of PAKSHOO products in the Iranian home market. As a high street brand the range of activities mainly target health focused laundry detergents and liquids like towel and laundry softeners, laundry powders and liquids and cellulose products. The target market of this brand concentrates on +A and -B income groups.
The brand name is after an Azeri word which means unique and different. The target market and positioning strategies are defined as that of SPIFF, but the key point here is focusing on the sense of belonging to a group or personality of the end user.
For PAKSHOO company expanding the market share through a portfolio of various brands for different income groups is considered as a cornerstone of strategies for creating new brands. The second objective in creating and promoting this brand was introducing a serious rival for imported upmarket brands. Enjoying a portfolio branding strategy between SPIFF & AIRI is aimed at generating synergy to achieve the strategic goals of the company. The key point here is the common grounds in formulating these two brands but in creating the image and positioning the product in the market some areas of differentiation principle have been considered. The slogan is: "A Feeling of Glamourous, Relaxed and Nice Moments of Life".
An ongoing improvement on the quality and standard of life through introduction of new and varied products under the brand name of AIRI is one of the main strategic goals of PAKSHOO company and its future programs in order to guarantee health and beauty at the same time



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