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Golrang as a brand was created in 1972 aiming at serving the Iranian society. It was registered as detergent, cosmetic and hygienic products. At the same time, "Golrang Chemical-Production Institute" was registered. Later on, in the light of Haj Mohammad Karim Fazli's endeavours and a team of Iranian experts it was developed and changed into PAKSHOO Company. It was introduced to the market with the slogan of "products for all Iranian families". When there was no any outstanding internal detergent and hygienic brand, GOLRANG came to the market as a national brand, bearing a national identity. The product range initially included various dish washing liquids, bleachers, washing powders under the brand name of GOLRANG SUPER, stain remover and finally glass washers, but over the time brand development was stretched to new detergent hygienic areas like various hair shampoos, hair conditioners, body and children shampoos.
The first standard children shampoo in Iran was introduced to the market by GOLRANG. Over the years it has been offered to the market, GOLRANG through introduction of different products and receiving varied certificates and ISOS, not only listed among the best detergent and hygienic brands of the market, but also involved in humanitarian and philanthropic measures through partnerships with organizations like MAHAK (the organization for supporting the children having cancer) and UNICEF has found a national position in the society.
GOLRANG considers product quality equal to customer satisfaction and assumes that as a key to success. The proof for it is the consumers testimonials and their increasing consumption of GOLRANG products and the fact that GOLRANG is a market leader in different product classes like glass washing liquids, bleachers, stain removers, carpet shampoo and hand washing liquids.

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