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HOME PLUS is another brand that belongs to Home Care and Dish Care Health Group of PAKSHOO CHEMICALS which started to launch its products in the Iranian market in the year 2002.
The presence of this brand in the market and being positioned in the  group of top world and Iranian brands can be attributed to continuous efforts and in-depth research of all colleagues in the company to help the brand to be a  serious rival for the well known world brands. Since the introduction of this brand in the market, ongoing progress and efforts for increasing customer satisfaction and creating value for consumers is at the top of the agenda of company policies. It has also tried to identify the consumer needs and then through focusing on research and development activities, introduce the products to the market that can meet the real needs of its customers.
HOME PLUS is a brand aiming at promoting the standard of life of its consumers by creating a sense of relaxation, beauty, and cleanliness at home front and place of work. In this regard and for achieving these goals, three main factors have always been the center of attention which are as follows:
- State of the art design in terms of product packaging
- Applying new essences and colors  to creat a new sense of experience in consumers' mind
- Introducing high quality products with new functions based on cutting edge technology to meet the increasing and real needs of the customers
This brand, firstly appeared in the market by producing glass cleaners and then with the aim of increasing product portfolio, some other products were added to the basket like bleachers, stain removers, multi-purpose cleaners, oven cleaners, bath room and taps cleaners, supplementary liquids for dish washing machines, dish washing powders, special salt for washing machines to name a few.
For the time being, the Home Care Products of Home Plus brand are produced under the brand name of Ocean Series, and Dish Care products are produced under the brand name of Shining Secret Series.

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