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About Lamis

LAMIS, as a luxury and specialist brand of PAKSHOO company belongs to Laundry Care Product Group aiming at meeting the needs of customers with a new style of life.
New global brands in today's world to establish an effective relationship with their customers, from the very beginning entered the business arena with a specific identity.
LAMIS, is not an exception, so tried to base its identity framework on the slogan of "Originality Is Value". The brand wants to keep this identity in all its value chain, from designing the packaging and labelling, to the kind of fragrances and colors and finally to the sort of relationship with customers. It tries to transfer its message to the original class of the society in an appropriate way. In this regard, it has run a promotional campaign which is: "Be Yourself. The World Admires Originality".
The first series of this brand were introduced under the brand name of "Eternal Jewellery Series" to the market. The introduction of these series started with laundry machine detergents. It will include towel and laundry softeners and laundry liquids in the near future.


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