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About Lamis

MERIDENT, is another brand of PAKSHOO company that belongs to Oral and Dental Care Group of products. It stared in 2006 under the name of MERIT, but in mid 2011 changed into MERIDENT.
The presence of this brand in the market and being positioned in the  group of top world and Iranian brands can be attributed to continuous efforts and in-depth research of all colleagues in the company to help the brand to be a  serious rival for the well known world brands. Since the advent of MERIDENT to the market, it has been trying to identify the consumer needs and then through focusing on research and development activities, introduced the products to the market that can meet the real needs of the consumers. MERIDENT is aiming at ongoing progress and efforts for increasing customer satisfaction and creating value for its consumers. Including all age brackets of customers MERIDENT is trying to produce products that can really meet the needs of its customers.
This brand initially started with long lasting toothpastes and then children teeth gel and finally completed its product portfolio.

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