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About Oila

GOLRANG Industrial Group, having forty subdivisions and subsidiaries with more than five decades of business activities and making achievements in detergent and hygienic industry, and through offering quite familiar brands of GOLRANG, AVE, SOFTLAN, tried to diversify its business activities to new areas like food industries.
This goal came true by establishing a new company named GOLBARG BAHARAN Farming & Industry Company in order to produce a variety of edible oils under the brand name of OILA.
Aiming at offering a complete range of products, OILA, produces a vast variety of products which include edible and frying oil. Introducing oil suitable for any style of cooking is in the production and development plan of the company.
OILA plans to offer a unique oil for any meal whether it's a simple omelette for breakfast, a delicious food for lunch, a nice cake in the evening, or a hearty salad for dinner.


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