The President of Iran's Commerce Chamber Visited Golrang Industrial Group



The President of Iran's Commerce Chamber Visited Golrang Industrial Group


Mr. Gholamhossein Shafei, President of the Iran Chamber paid a visit to Golrang Industrial Group to become familiar with large scale firms and their capabilities.


In that visit which was held in presence of a number of senior managers of Golrang Industrial Group, the officials of the complex, after presenting a report on their potentials and performances, discussed the problems and barriers in the way of production and occupation.

In that visit, the president of Iran Chamber remarked on the human forces of the complex and its efforts in improving employment as the most important achievement and success of this unit and asked for their more attention to job creation and entrepreneurship.

In addition, Dr. Mehdi Fazli, managing director of Golrang Industrial Group stated that high transparency and trustworthy function, stock exchange enlisting, high attention to human forces as a sustained capital, withdrawal of ranting and favoritism, adoption of a global view and arrival to the exportation markets were accounted as the most important achievements of that industrial unit and in continuation, the problems faced by this unit were elaborated. In continuation, he commented on competition and promoting productivity and stated: “This group seeks powerful competition with its foreign counterparts; nevertheless, it puts health in its top priority.”

Dr. Fazli emphasized on the point: “In competition with foreign industrial units, we try to reduce foreign currency expenditures as much as possible in order to improve competitiveness power. Fortunately, we have been successful to this date.” In addition, he stated his belief that sustained growth in employment and entrepreneurship are the most important goals that must be considered by the owners of production and industrial units.






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